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Wearable Standard Platform (WSP)

  In the current consumer market, many smart wearable devices have been introduced into personal health management and home care equipment, such as health bracelets or smart watches. The wearable devices are not so much a new technology, but rather an integration of existing technologies. Because the threshold for entry is not high, as long as manufacturers can miniaturize their products and wear them, they are all branded with the fashion name “wearable”. The market is therefore full of various wearable products, and wearable devices measure the physiological parameters will affect accuracy due to different wearing positions and different hardware and software designs, but consumers are becoming more and more savvy. Low-end wearable products with a single function or unclear market positioning begin to reduce fever and switch to smarter choices the availability and practicality of the product allow manufacturers to start looking for ways to improve the performance of these devices or add more features. However, is there a hidden risk behind this? In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of wearable smart devices, the laboratory has established a Wearable Standard Platform (WSP), which is compared to the ISO / IEC of the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) 17025: 2017 certification requirements, to provide wearable smart device-related product quality inspection and verification services.

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